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Pictures about
the Soviet 143rd Front Bomber Regiment's life
 in the seventies.

In the seventies Imperial Iran Air Force and Turkey Air Force had deployed the F-4E Phantom II model. For the high-altitude flying Yak-28 Brewer bombers the Phantom was a dangerous opponent. Therefore in 1977 they started retraining the 143rd regiment for Su-24 Fencer-B type.

Yak-28I Brewer-C tactical bomber crew in 1975 Yak-28I Brewer-C crew Kopitnari in 1975
Brewer-C Kopitnari Yak-28I Brewer-C tactical bomber
Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic Yak-28 pilot in 1974 USSR Yak-28 crew
Yak-28I in VVS Transcaucasian Military District's Air Force crew
Kopitnari technical in 1975 large screwdriver 34th tactical air army crew
143rd bomber air regiment on Kopitnari 143rd bomber air regiment
Jak-28I pilot Kopitnari
143rd bomber air regiment crew 143rd bomber air regiment pilot
Jak-28I crew Brewer-C crew in 1975

The regiment's second squadron flew with Yak-28PP Brewer-E electronic countermeasures aircraft which would jam enemy Air Defence radars and communications, operating in support of a bomber strike group. These ECM machines would accompanied the other two squadron's Yak-28I bombers to deployment in the seventies. With this the bombers would have significantly increased their survival chances.

Yak-28PP 143rd Bomber Air Regiment Brewer-E crew
Yak-28PP ECM aircraft Yak-28PP Brewer-E crew

Pictures about the 143rd regiment's Yak-28 types while practicing medium altitude nuclear bombing at Kopitnari and Mikha-Tskhakaya airports.

Yak-28 over Kopitnari
Yak-28 over Mikha-Tskhakaya

The regiment's silver coloured Jak-28I bombers flew until 1979, after that they were replaced by the modern, low attack Su-24 type.

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