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Eastern Order of Battle


Warsaw Pact - Air Defence Forces


Baku Air Defence District10th Air Defence Army10th Air Defence ArmyHungarian Air Defence


    Moscow Air Defence District

    2nd Air Defence Army

    4th Air Defence Army

    6th Air Defence Army

    8th Air Defence Army

    10th Air Defence Army


    МО ПВО, 2-я отдельная армия ПВО, 4-я отдельная армия ПВО, 6-я отдельная армия ПВО, 8-я отдельная армия ПВО, 10-я отдельная армия ПВО, 11-я отдельная армия ПВО, 12-я отдельная армия ПВО, 14-я отдельная армия ПВО, 19-я отдельная армия ПВО



Baku Air Defence Distric

11th Air Defence Army

12th Air Defence Army

14th Air Defence Army

19th Air Defence Army



Astrakhan and Krasnovodsk - 116th and 18th Air Defense Training Center


Soviet MiG-17 'Fresco' air targets in the seventies


The MiG-19PM and MiG-17PFU interceptor fighters at the 18th Air Defense Training Center


Lavochkin La-17 targets on the Soviet 18th Air Defence Training Center in the seventies


Hungarian 'STRELBA-85' air defence exercise in August 1985



Sary Shagan - 10th State Research and Testing Site


Support aircraft at the Sary Shagan missile test range in 1994