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Eastern Order of Battle

Carpathian Military District's Air Force
in January 1, 1988

Two regiments of the 4th Fighter Division were retrained between 1984 and 1988 for the advanced MiG-29 tactical fighter type. On the Czechoslovakia-German Democratic Republic border the 9.12 and the 9.13 version of Soviet MiG-29s would "pick up race" with USAFE F-16A Block 15 and F-16C Block 30 tactical fighter in the second half of the eighties.

The 192nd regiment which was the 3rd regiment of the division and flew with MiG-21bis has arrived from Czechoslovakia in 1984. In exchange the 234th Fighter Bomber regiment went to Czechoslovakia in Central Group of Forces. Of this role was taken over by the 179th regiment with early MiG-23M and MiG-23 Etalon type.

Soviet VVS 14th Tactical Air Army in 1988 Soviet Carpathian Military District's Air Force  in 1988

In 1984 the 368th attack regiment formed with a new type. With the help of the large amount pf weapons carrier, armored Szu-25 battle planes the army's close air support capability increased significantly. The Szu-25 type did not require a high-quality, long runway, thus were create at Kalyniv airport next to a helicopter unit.

The 48th Guards Air Reconnaissance Regiment's old Yak-28 Brewer-D type was also replaced in 1987 by the advanced Su-24MR Fencer-E type.

Soviet VVS 145th Fighter Air  Regiment  pilots in front of MiG-29 9.12 Fulcrum-A
Soviet Subordinate Units - Carpathian Military District's Air Force in 1988

* The exact sub-variants used aren't known

Since May 1988, the Soviet Carpathian Military District Air Force became independent again as the 14th Tactical Air Army. It's divisions size were reduced. Since 1989 the 4th Fighter Air Division flew on with two regiments of MiG-29 and the 289th Front Bomber Air Division with two regiments of Su-24 Fencer-B and C version.

The MiG-29s of the 4th Fighter Air Division

The Soviet 179th Multi-Role Fighter Air Regiment on at the airport of Stryy

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