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Eastern Order of Battle

Soviet Union
Turkestan Military District

Turkmen and Uzbek

Soviet Socialist Republic

By the end of the sixties the Chinese-Soviet relations hit the bottom. In 1969 the Turkestan Military District was divided into two parts. The Central Asian Military District was formed on the territory of Kazakhstan. Its mission was to protect the Soviet-Chinese border. The Turkestan Military District was formed on the territory of Uzbeg and Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic. The Imperial Iran was kept at bay by them.

Mostly the Turkestan Military District's units fought in Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989.

In 1984 the Turkestan Military District became the subordinate of the General Command - Southern Theatre. In 1989, after the war in Afghanistan, the Soviet Turkestan Military District and the Central Asian Military District has been merged again.

Soviet Turkestan Military District's Air Force

Soviet 49th Tactical Air Army in 1973


Soviet 49th Tactical Air Army in 1978


The new 87th independent Reconnaissance Air Regiment in the seventies.


217th Fighter-Bomber Air Regimentís life in the seventies


Soviet 115th Fighter Air Regiment's  life at Kokayty airport in the seventies


Iranian Revolution effect on the soviet 49th Air Army


The 115th Fighter Air Regiment's special camouflage MiG-21bis in 1979.


Soviet Turkestan Military District's Air Force in 1983


Soviet Tactical Air Force during the Afghan invasion in 1979


Soviet 115th Guard Fighter Air Regimentís life at Kandahar airport, Afghanistan in 1980


Soviet 156th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment in Afghanistan between 1983 and 1984.


Soviet-Iranian border guard in the eighties


Soviet Turkestan Military District's Air Force in 1988


Weekdays on Kokayty airport in the eighties


Kokayty's camouflage MiG-29s in full color.


Soviet Su-17 Fitter bombers at Mary-2 air base

Soviet Turkmenistan Military District - The military selfless services rendered

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